“We are a creative team located in Western Wisconsin.  We love the entire process of creating stories told through moving pictures, stills and sound.  

Simply put, we are storytellers.  Our films, photography and custom musical productions, whether for our own work, or for a client, captures the story and the celebration of who we are, which becomes the main foundation of our work.  There’s always just one major goal in the end, and that is to tell a story that evokes human emotion.

Our final products, or how the audience eventually sees our productions play out on screen, are polished representations of the living story. While the two are not always the same, in order to be successful they need to be as close to the same as possible – and, most importantly, FEEL like they are to the audience. The screen will always tell. At the end of the day, the only thing that truly matters is the end product and it’s our job to make sure we’ve painted a true and entertaining picture for the audience.

When we capture the mood, convey that mood through moving pictures, put a viewer in that moment and make them feel something, we’ve succeeded and in return, our clients also succeed.

Stories are everywhere, and they can be as simple or as complex as life. It boils down to seeing past everything else, rising above the here and now in order to put ourselves in the best position possible to capture the bigger picture and to share that story with the world.

As a full service production company, we find that bigger picture and we live there. It’s very challenging, but extremely rewarding when it all comes together.”

– Kyle Nickolite, SICMANTA