The Cold, the Gun, and the Bison


We were contacted in September of last year and were pitched the opportunity to help tell the real story of exactly how and where the meat comes from that’s used in the creation of Epic Bars’ high quality bison bar. Tasked with producing a 5-7 minute short film documenting this process, many initial challenges were brought to the forefront of the pre-production process. Challenges, however, that we were excited to take head-on.

The film would be based around the unique system that Epic’s bison meat supplier, North Star Bison (Rice Lake, Wisconsin), goes about killing the buffalo before they’re butchered and readied for human consumption, a very interesting process that ends with every single part of the bison being used, and most importantly, is completely stress free for the animals. Our biggest challenge as filmmakers was to tell this story showing every aspect of this process, yet still remain respectful to the animal and the viewers of the final production. There are some very tough moments to watch during the process, but we felt that it was the use of very subtle chosen camera angles that would allow the viewer to see the process as it is, yet not be taken back. If we were able to keep the focus on the people involved, use these subtle angles, and make sure were capturing the right tone and dialogue in our interviews, the piece would come together nicely leaving everyone involved proud of the work. And I believe that’s just what we accomplished.

As a full-service production company, we take pride in the fact that we are able to take on all aspects of the production, from directing, to shooting, to even writing, composing and recording all of the music specifically for our body of work.

We had a great time with Graese family from North Star Bison as well as the guys from Epic. Both amazing companies and ones you definitely should vote for with your dollars.

Check out the final product below. We hope you enjoy it.